DVR Connecting lead for : CT, SP and Eyecam cameras


Contents: 1 x 2m Lead, 1 x BNC, 1 x 5 way terminal block



Connection Method


1)      Cut the 6 pin RJ12 (4 Pin RJ11 if Spectrum camera) connector (telephone type clear) on the end of your camera lead (scart plug side) off.

2)      Strip back the outer insulation by about 30mm, exposing the 6 wires (4 wires if Spectrum camera).

3)      Cut off the blue and green if you are not using audio and alarm signal. The white wire can be cut as it is not used.

4)      Strip back the insulation on the wires by about 5mm.

5)      Bend the exposed conductor back on itself

6)      Insert the wires into the terminal block, matching the colours, one by one and screw them down.

7)      Connect the BNC terminated wire to your DVR camera input.

8)      Connect the White phono terminated wire to your Audio input (if applicable)

9)      Connect the Green wire to your PIR input which provides +12v in normal operation and 0V when in alarm, you will need to use the Black wire as well as the ground connection if you are connecting to a alarm input.

10)  Connect your existing power supply to the power input jack

11)  If you have a keypad you can connect it to the 4 pin mini din connector on your existing lead. To give you audible warning when  movement is detected.